Afraid of Starting? Use Your Fear To Create Your Best Life Ever

Fear is always present when we seek to do anything in our lives worth doing

Are you afraid of starting something you’ve been wanting for a long time now?

Have you been sitting and watching time pass by while you seem too crippled to make a move?

Maybe you’re angry because you know you have potential but nothing. Whatever it is the above statement is so true. Fear is always present when we seek to pursue anything in our lives worth doing.

You know what I’m talking about. The voices in your head telling you, you’re not good enough, the doubt that you’ll be any good at what you set out to do; the anticipation of what people will say…I can go on.

The bottom line is everyone who’s ever attempted anything worth doing has faced FEAR. I am sure when Shonda Rhimes embarked on her YEAR of YES, she experienced some sort of ‘what the fuck are you doing’ inner response. She said YES for a whole year anyway!

When life changes happen, for example, starting a new relationship, setting out on a new creative path, having a baby or changing careers, deep fears can surface. Yet, these fears can be for the greater good.

It is our way of questioning whether these changes are what we really want in life. It is also a potent reminder that when moving into the new, it is a MUST to allow ourselves to grieve the past, and eventually let go.

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We should not be discouraged by the insecurity and uncertainty we feel; they are part of the process.

Yes, it may throw us off balance but the purpose is to reveal to us that we are at the edge of our comfort zone. And instead of running away or blocking it out, we should use that fear to help us mentally and physically overcome our inner shenanigans.

The more we respect the process, the more we can be open to the wisdom that lets us know it is time for growth or stillness. We become adept at identifying its arrival and giving an appropriate response.

This week, I challenged my accountability partner to sign me up for any event she thinks I’m worth speaking at. I realize that as much as I’ve appeared before audiences, the act of signing up almost never happens because I’m constantly in my head and then nothing gets done.

Having an accountability partner helps me face my fears because I have no control over the process, I just have to show up. Yikes!! Talk about facing your fears!

Our approach to facing our fears can take different forms. For instance, I choose to go balls out and have someone act on my behalf to sign me up for engagements until I build up the courage to do it myself.

You may choose to sit quietly in meditation or journal your fears – the latter can prove powerful by writing down whatever comes up – your excitement, your sadness, your hopes.

Either way, these are great ways to learn more about yourself through the vehicle of fear. Remember anything worth doing in your life is almost always accompanied by fear.

Embrace it and watch how it moves you to create your best life ever!

As a writer or aspiring author, you may feel that you aren’t worthy of telling your story, that no one will want to read what you’ve written. These thoughts are not okay and only act to derail us from our impending goals.

Be confident that your voice needs to be heard and some soul in need can find solace in your story. Tell it like it is!

I’ve recognized that a lot of times we don’t actually fear FEAR, what we’re actually afraid of is SUCCESS because it takes us totally out of our comfort zone.

Once you understand your internal and external blocks, you no longer doubt that those things you’ve long wanted to start or do are impossible or are met with negative action thoughts.

If you’re interested in exploring what your personal blocks are so you can start taking action, join me for a free FACE YOUR FEARS Masterclass to learn more. You can SIGN UP HERE!

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