5 Easy Ways to Create an Environment to Promote Your Writing

The definition of healing or sacred space is…time and space we set aside, or which spontaneously arises, to experience depth, richness, and sense of meaning that usually escapes us in fast-paced everyday life when we are not as connected as we could be with our body, intuition, good thinking, compassion and empathy, and other emotions.

In 2011, months after my Mom passed on, I was living in the house I had bought for her. I was in the depths of grief, pushing it deep down as I consumed myself with my work, thinking I would overcome her loss by focusing on work. Not so.

I decided after much deliberation that my house, that space that held so many memories was not going to be the space that I would heal in. I had to make a drastic change, so I moved to a loft condo in Miami overlooking the water.

It was so divine!

Floor to ceiling windows that opened up to my bedroom. I would literally sit on my bed in the mornings as the sun came up and watch the yachts roll by. So peaceful!

I understood that, as Jill Angelo says in The Importance of Home “our environments are often the exterior reflections of our interior worlds,” and I needed my exterior to influence how I needed my inner self to be.

I understood that if I had a peaceful, sacred space to come home to after a hectic day on a project, I would welcome inner peace that would eventually become my normal. My healing at that time was too important to ignore, so I invested in a sacred space.

“Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Just as you can walk into someone’s home and feel the energy in it that determines whether you stay or leave, is the same way the energy in your home impacts how you thrive. If your physical space is cluttered, then it keeps you in a state of disharmony.

Conversely, if it’s clean and welcoming, then your space supports clarity and feelings of being calm, free and at peace. Take a look around you. Is your space cluttered? Do you feel happy where you are?

I recently spent less than $100 to spruce up my current living space. I purchased a fluffy rug, a corner table that houses my rock salt lamp, the letter M for Mellany of course, and oil and incense burning decanters.

The idea was to create a space where I can do my meditations every day. I can honestly say, if nothing else, it brings me comfort and a sense of peace.

healing spaces blog.jpg

Know that you can create a corner or room dedicated as a timeout zone for yourself. You can also decorate it accordingly to match the vibe you need.

Back in 2011, I bought into a readymade sacred space because I could have afforded it at that time. I also desperately needed it.

During my chat with Viva Hamilton of Public Harmony Co. on last week’s episode of Hard Talk with Mell, she reiterated the importance of having a healing space in your home and confirmed how really simple it is to redecorate a space based on your needs with affordable finds if you’re on a budget.

In a nutshell, Viva advises if you’re looking to spruce up a corner or room of your home, resist keeping up with the trends, and start with the basics like candles and pillows; also use pieces that represent where you want to be. Let your space speak to you. Here are some quick tips she gave:

  • Clear the clutter – you want your space to breathe

  • Look around your home for things that make you happy – photographs, blankets, pillows

  • Focus on one area or room at a time. Less is more

  • Only buy what you need – affordable finds at Target, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Crate & Barrel, garage sales, thrift stores

  • Identify a key space in your home where you can journal, read and dream.

You can listen to our chat HERE.

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